The Art of Fashion Design

If you LOVE Fashion, clothes, fabrics, creating and want to learn what the key ingredients are to designing and making truly unique clothing that reflects YOUR personality




Do you have a Passion for Fashion?

Can you Sew but not Design?

Can you Design but not Sew?


I believe it is SO important to learn all 3 key areas of Fashion Designing to truly understand how you take a 2-dimensional design and turn it into a 3-dimensional creation.

Understanding these key areas will set you on the road to becoming a GREAT Designer Maker !

We can all have an idea, but can our ideas translate into a wearable garment to be loved and worn? With the knowledge of design development, pattern cutting and sewing we can bring our designs to life!

My aim is to take all my wealth of knowledge and experience I have gained over the last 3 decades working as a Couture Fashion Designer and share it with you.

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Who is isabelle Randall?

Born and raised in Monaco, Norway and the UK, isabelle's passion for Fashion started at a very young age.

From playing shop as a young girl to launching her own brand label isabelleRANDALL, her uniquely designed and beautifully handmade clothing has been loved and enjoyed by thousands worldwide.

Isabelle has showcased her collections on fashion runways, exhibitions, tv, film, art galleries and museums over the years, including being part of a consortium of international Designers and Couturiers to complete the costumes for the Pussycat Dolls World Tour. 

"After 3 decades of being dedicated to my craft as a Fashion Designer Maker, I am SO excited to be sharing my wealth of knowledge, experience, skillset AND passion for Fashion with you!"

Let me tell you how it all began...

What you will find inside iR fashionACADEMY


Let go and have fun developing your OWN individual designs in an innovative and creative way.


Dive into pattern cutting and learn how to turn your designs ideas into wearable clothes that fit and flatter you.


Fall in love with sewing and learn how to make quality clothing beautifully finished to Couture level.

"Thank you Isabelle for your time, knowledge and courses that we can access in our own timeframe over and over again if we choose is priceless."

 - Patrece Canoy-Barret

"isabelle has given me the tools, ideas and inspiration to a make unique wearable wardrobe that I love!"

- Rosaline Rowe

"I'd like to take this opportunity to appreciate my great teacher isabelle for being a part of my fashion design journey."

- Omolara Awobadejo

"The biggest takeaways would be the technical aspects covered in the course and talking with other sewing enthusiasts."

 - Charmaine Bannister

"You can tell you are passionate about your subject, which in turn is contagious for everyone else and makes the learning process more fun."

Lauren Gordon

"Your masterclasses are wonderful, beautifully presented, lots of information and practical tips."

-Isabela Tatu