A Stitch A Day

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 The ONLY way to guarantee the clothes you make STAND THE TEST OF TIME, is to Master the Art of Sewing!


🌈 Are you a Beginner to sewing?
🌈 Have you been sewing for a while and are looking to improve your sewing skills?
🌈 Or do you have a child who loves to sew but you can’t help them as you don’t know where to start?


Then this 5 day sewing Challenge is exactly what you need to get going!

Learning to sew professionally really ELEVATED the quality  of my work.

Working with beautiful fabrics and caring how I sew them together, has made ALL the difference to the quality of my clothing

And this is what I want for YOU!

Mastering the foundations of sewing


can really help improve, perfect and refine your stitches so that you end up with a far more professional and sustainable item of clothing.


Over the next 5 days we are going to cover


> The Straight Stitch so you can perfect your control over the sewing machine, fabric and steadiness of your stitch

> The Slip Stitch so that you can sew this invisible stitch in a far more professional way, e.g hemming 

> The Pivot Stitch (with added bonus stitch) so that you can accurately sew in different directions without the needle leaving the fabric, e.g when sewing grown on collars or top stitching

> The Blind Catch Stitch so you can strengthen your stitching with elasticity to compliment the type of fabrics you are working with that have movement

> The Appliqué Stitch (with added bonus stitch) so that you can decorate your fabrics/clothing with a quick, strong and flexible stitch, e.g necklines, hemlines, panels

Want help with your sewing skills?


Sewing can be SUCH a therapeutic and rewarding practice. And the more stitches you learn, the better quality of clothing you make!

My passion for Fashion and old school craftsmanship started at a very young age. And I was fortunate enough to be trained by some of the best in the Fashion Industry before launching my own brand label in 2004.

Specialising in luxury custom made clothing, I have nurtured and developed my sewing skills over the decades, making timeless creations that stand the test of time!

And by sharing my 30 years of EXPERIENCE & EXPERTISE in Couture Sewing, I will show you how to Master each type of stitch as well as getting a really good understanding of how to handle fabric whilst sewing.

I always say  -

The inside of a garment is as important as the outside of a garment


The better quality your sewing is, the better quality AND longer lasting your handmade clothing will be!

This is why I set up a 5-day Sewing Challenge - ‘A Stitch A Day

Every day, for 5 days  in  a row, you will receive an email with a link to a video tutorial with a brand new stitch to be learnt. Whether that be hand sewing or machine sewing.

You can do this 5 day challenge in 5 days, 5 months or 5 years! 

It is up to you at what pace you would like to learn.

You have these video tutorials for as long as you want to revisit these stitches.

So if you’re looking for sewing techniques to help you improve the quality of your clothing, this 5 day Challenge will certainly get those creative juices flowing! 

Learn & improve your skillset TODAY for this special one-off payment of JUST £10!