I help aspiring Fashion Designer Makers

unlock their creative potential and draft their own patterns so that they can make truly unique clothing that stands out from the crowd!

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How many times...

Have you started a creative project and not seen it through to the end?
It could be that you get stuck at a certain point and walk away!
Missing a certain knowhow to finish what you started?


 iR fashionACADEMY is here to inspire, mentor and motivate YOU to see your creative projects through to the end and wear your creations with pride. I will be there each step of the way to support and cheer you on.


As a practising Couture Fashion Designer Maker specialising in custom-made clothing, I have developed over the decades expertise and skillsets I'm dying to share with you! I want to show you the 'Designer Approach' to learning every aspect of Fashion Design.

isabelle randall aged 12
isabelle randall aged 12


Let yourself go and let your ideas flow!

Designing is about letting go and having fun!

Most of us like to design for ourselves. Whether we want to make something for a special occasion or simply just can't find what we want in the shops !!

Also, the approach to designing is different for everyone. Some like to start with the fabric choice and go from there. Others are inspired by something they've seen or researched and want to develop their ideas.

The approach is individual and very much encouraged here at the ACADEMY. We are all different and that's what makes us unique.

I will never place limitations on you, I will only teach you the tools on how to develop the ideas and support you in finding  your own designer Signature Style.


Jump in with both feet !


The best way to MASTER Pattern Cutting is to jump in with both feet!

See pattern pieces as jigsaw puzzles you're putting together. The more relaxed you are around the methods and techniques, the more you will enjoy yourself.

My aim is to teach you Pattern Cutting techniques from a Designer point of view. The 'Designer Approach' will guarantee you a more unique and exclusive pattern.

Cutting to proportions is my superpower!

I will also teach you Pattern Cutting techniques that you can adapt and play with to suit your body shape. Understanding proportions is the key to flattering and elongating the figure.

isabelle randall aged 12
isabelle randall aged 12


Fall in love with sewing...

I believe that caring what a garment looks like on the inside as much as the outside is the  key to a beautifully made item of clothing.

My passion for textiles is a big part of my design process and garment construction. I believe the more you get to know the characteristics of your fabrics the better your sewing will be. And I don't just mean the quality of sewing, but the handling and choice of fabrics you want to work with.

In the ACADEMY you will learn everything from handling fabric,  step by step garment construction and beautiful finishes.

'The Designer Approach'


This is a fashionACADEMY with a difference!

I'm bringing my 'Designer Approach'  to each and every class I teach!

Encouraging you to approach Design, Pattern Cutting and Sewing with flareThere is something SO rewarding about Designing and Making your own clothes!

AND you are guaranteed no one else will be wearing the same thing!

There is also the JOY of making with your hands. It can be extremely therapeutic and so satisfying.

I always get that sense of achievement and feel extremely proud wearing my own creations!

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